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The Cauldron and then Some! Part 2 of 3 Halloween Scene!

Halloween is almost here! This video we are working on a cauldron and then some! The second of a three-part series for a Halloween Scene.

In this this project I started works on 4 essential pieces to the scenery of this project; the gravestones, pumpkins, cauldron and walkway. Checkout the the timelapsed video for instruction! Leave a comment or let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help! Happy Claying!

Materials Used:


I use all Sculpey products

- Bake and Bond

- Super Sculpey Firm -


Sculpey products

- Bake and Bond

- Soufflé Pumpkin -

- Premo Orange -

- Premo Cadmium Yellow -

- Leaf Green -

- Spanish Olive -


- Super Sculpey Ultralight

- Super Sculpey Firm -

All Art Pieces

Liquitex Gauche - This can be purchased at local art store or

Primary Red

Primary Yellow

Yellow Oxide

Burnt Sienna

Mars Black

Titanium White

Creativity is a Thought away!

CB Hollow


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