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The Shrunken Head!!

It is Halloween time and everyone including my job wants to get in on the fun! This year we are having a Halloween Decorating Competition for each of our collaboration areas and we have chosen the theme of the movie Beetlejuice. My colleagues did a wonderful job of the decorations and I had the task of creating the shrunken head.

Excited with the assigned task, I thought I would create a video. Now, this being my first official youtube video.... everything that could go wrong did. My battery died in my camera, then the camera itself just went "poof." I continued on as I had no choice and had a deadline to meet for my team! I took what video I had and took it youtube.

Materials used:


Beige Super Sculpey

Paper mâché ornament


Making tape

Acrylic Paint


White Premo Sculpey

Black Premo Sculpey

Glass Cabochon

Red/Black Acrylic paint

Old wig

Glue gun

Below is the video tutorial I hope you enjoy!

Creativity is Thought Away!

CB Hollow

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