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Japanese Chiyogami paper is inspired by textile and kimono patterns which include symbolic and seasonal motifs The luxurious, vibrantly-colored Chiyogami papers are hand-printed using the silk-screen technique. As many as 12 colors can be separately applied including gold or other metallics to create one pattern. Chiyogami is an exceptional choice for a variety of crafts such as paper dolls, bookbinding, book arts, collage, greeting cards, origami, box making, invitations, and so much more.


Works exceptionally well with wheat starch adhesive and PVA glue

Chiyogami Gold Flowers on Blue

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  • Color: Blue

    Pattern: Floral

    Weight: 70g

    Size Metric:  

    Half Sheet - 305 X 457 mm

    Whole Sheet 610 x 914 mm

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