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Summer Travels and Pom Poms!

With hot days of summer and travel come and gone we come into the autumn equinox and holidays full force ahead! During our travels I brought a few of my pom pom supplies and filmed my creations from our hotel rooms. The lighting wasn't spectacular; however I hope you enjoy and learn from the videos.

Our first video takes us through the creation of the bumbles of the bumble bee! In this video I take you steps of creating this beautiful creature wings and all see video below!

Our second video gets a little crazy with the crazy daisy! Sweet and simple, this flower can bring a smile to anyone's face. Of course my hubby say it reminds him of two eggs I just need to make him bacon 😂😂😂

The third video is a gnome video of course! It will be released soon! I will update this blog when I release!

Update! Let there be Gnomes! This was a tough one, footage was lost then found and a little crazy but I got through it. The gnome on the go was an interesting little fella to make, I made him late in the evening, I was tired and my eyes were going crossed. Grab a cup coffee or tea and enjoy some Gnome time!

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